Friday, April 28, 2006

Monkey's Most Excellent Zoo Trip

Monkey has spent most of his 62 years just sitting in my bedroom. A couple of wives and girlfriends thought he was just the cutest thing around, and so nice tat I still had my childhood playmate after all these years. Women really understand these things! It means something special to them to find a man with a sentimental streak.

Yet Monkey is a dude, and has kept his spirit of adventure and wanderlust pent up all these years. He was getting antsy. I could see it in his eyes, day after day, as I saw him sitting there gazing longingly out the window. He needed to do some travelling!

Todd suggested a visit to San Francisco, a visit to the zoo there to see other monkeys and other animals. A look at the Golden Gate Bridge. All kinds of new sights! Monkey was game, and so Todd and I made arrangements for his flight west. Yaaron wanted to go along to the zoo and help document the high point of the big adventure. Monkey got to visit the carousel and meet the people who ran it. Someplace along the way though, he got introduced to a real floozy, a female monkey with irresistable feminine charms, and he seems to have fallen passionately in love. He still hasn't even told me her name. He did manage to convinced Todd to email me some pictures. I get the impression that she's planning on flying back here to Miami and moving in with us. I hope that she knows more banana recipes than Monkey and I know.


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