Wednesday, May 31, 2006

He's Got A Girl That Listens, She's Got A Guy That Sings

It was love at first sight! My daughter Elena was enamored by my best friend John Patteson from the beginning. She loved to hear him sing and play his 12 string, and she'd sit on the sofa for hours listening to his music. John and I were close friends from the late 60's up until a few years ago when he moved about 60 miles north of here. Since then we don't see one another as often. We're still good friends anyway.

From the time Elena was born on June 7th, 1971 until her mom moved to Mississippi with her and her brother Jonathan a bit over a dozen years later it was inevitable that she'd see John a time or two most every week. Just about her first complete sentence was "I'm going to marry John Patteson when I grow up!" and she'd have a big smile as she said it! She said it all the time and she said it to everybody. I guess she must have been in second grade, maybe later, before she stopped saying it. Who knows? Maybe if she hadn't moved away at 14? Would the age difference have mattered? John is getting up there in his late 50's now and he's still single. Elena turns 35 in a week. She's still single.


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