Friday, December 01, 2006

A Last Look At Mary Poh's Old House Trailer

This was the last time I dropped Mary off at this trailer after taking her to a doctor's appointment. Last week I helped her move her belongings, her little dog, and her collection of "inside" cats to her "new" trailer a couple blocks away. I guess the "outside" cats, strays really, that hang around because she feeds them, will find the new place on their own, along with the racoons and the occasional possum that ventures out of the nearby wooded area for a free meal.

The new place is smaller and doesn't have the screened porch, but it's owned by the same landlord and the rent is less. It's also closer to the neighborhood convenience store and the bus stop. I might even get back in the habit of buying some pastry and going over there to join her for afternoon coffee a few times a week. At 84 her housekeeping habits have slipped a bit, and with all those cats around the place often smells a bit more than I want when I'm having coffee and danish. Hopefully she'll stay ahead of the game with a smaller place to maintain. She's actually a very bright college educated woman who reads the newspaper everyday. She can be very interesting to talk with, and she discusses everything from antiques to politics.


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