Friday, May 23, 2008

When I Still Had A Beard...

Penny Valentine at the Chamber of Commerce HATES it when I have a beard. Claudia, my ex, hates it when I "need" a haircut. I'd started growing the beard a year ago when my son Jonathan showed up wearing one. As for the hair, I thought that all of those curly locks looked kind of neat. So do a lot of women. Women I have a better chance of scoring with than the ex-wife for sure!

Then when I shaved off the beard and dropped by the Chamber of Commerce it took awhile for Penny to even notice. Claudia though knew about the haircut before hand. She called up to make the appointment.

These new flat screen TV's are over at North Miami City Hall so folks in the back rows or in the lobby can get a better view during council and board meetings.

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