Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Muskie's The Man ~ January 1972

I'm betting that Jim Kukar was editing Miami Magazine by January 1972 and sent me on this shoot. He's the guy that first got me interested in politics when he edited The North Dade Journal, and here we are thirty seven years later and I have a pile of pix on the table next to the front door, and we'll be meeting up for lunch in a day or two so I can give them to him.

Later that year he got me floor passes to both the Republican and Democratic conventions on Miami Beach. I was really immersed in politics that year! I'm not sure exactly where this was although I suspect that it was on Miami Beach. It was dark out on the street so I had a little electronic flash on my Leica, and for a lot of the pix I was shooting I was holding the camera with arms outstretched over my head, trying to shoot over the people in front of me.

I really like the shot where the background lights are all squiggly! I was using a slow shutter speed to pick up a bit of the ambient light, and while the flash stopped the motion of the people I wan't holding the camera very steady so those lights sreaked. The position of everybody's hands also helps makes for a rather dynamic picture.

The young lady was photographed with available light. Strange how hair styles and short dresses back then look just like they do now.


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