Friday, October 30, 2009

The Toy Monkeys Are Returning!

Cute, huh? I found this little toy monkey ay a rummage sale at the Congregational Church a couple of blocks away. My ex went there and my kids attended the Sunday school. Reverand Chuck Eastman and I were close friends for years, until he died of a heart attack a few years ago in his mid-fifties. They tell me that I'm an honorary member of the congregation but about the only time I attend services is when one out of town friend or another is visiting.

Well, every few months they hold a rummage sale and sell hot dogs, coffee, and home made pastries. I always stop in, have a coffee and a "something", chat with old friends, and find something that I simply can't live without, so I buy it. An electric broom, a toaster, a gaudy neck tie from the 1940's. Monkette had been wanting to have a baby anyway. I bought her a baby toy monkey. More toy monkey adventures will follow!

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