Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bayside Park? Or Garbage Dump?

A coupleof times in the past I've written about this park and included some pictures of fishing and pelicans. Then long after it was damaged by Hurricane Wilma I ran some photos of Monkette looking through the the rusty falling apart chain link barricade to keep us good taxpayers, the citizens of North Miami, away from our pier.

I've got to assume that the insurance money was collected for the damage. Yet here we are years later and nothing has been done? Where's the money?

Actually though, something has been done! The city council and the mayor found some money someplace for outrageous travel expeses, an overly generous pension, health care for life, and increased their salary tenfold. Really nice, huh? More like the scum on the water in that bottom photo.

And they're too damned cheap to increase the paltry advisory board stipends enough to cover our out of pocket expenses. Greedy self centered bastards! They told the city employees that there was no money for raises. They lied! There WAS money, but the greedy bastards put it in their own pockets. Thanks a lot!

And now Biscayne Times contributor Jim W. Harper has picked up the story along with fresh updated photos showing the same old neglect.

Thanks, Jim!

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