Monday, January 30, 2006

my own "grassy knoll" mystery

I've had this Pepsi can since the early 1970's. I was out on the Miccosukee Indian Reservation when my friend Spencer Tiger bought himself a new 30-30 rifle, a Winchster 94. We went out on his back porch with nothing but miles of empty everglades in front of us. Spencer propped the can on a twig about 30 yards away, chambered a round and shot at the can. You could see the can dance and there was a bullet hole in plain sight. He handed the rifle to me saying "You try a shot". I lined the can up in the rifles open sights and squeezed the trigger. I was sure that I saw the can dance but Spencer said "You missed!" Sure enough only one bullet hole was visible.

I insisted on taking a closer look. Sure enough, the near side of the can had a single entrance hole. The far side had two seperate exit holes. Well, I'm a bit taller than Spencer and was standing next to him. The angle wasn't the same. I've kept the can for over thirty years knowing that I'd never duplicate that shot in a million years.

I took the can to the park on one of Monkey's recent outings there, along with a mirror so we could get both front and back of the can in the shot. It shows both the single entrance hole and the two exit holes. The photo was made with the 15mm Heliar on my Bessa L. You can see me holding the Bessa in the mirror.


Blogger taffer said...

Never give up on that pepsi can, it's the evidence you had all the universe working for you that day.

5:22 AM  

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