Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Cars People Drive

This is the parking lot of the "new" North Miami Post Office, but I guess it's about a dozen years old, old enough that the stripes between the parking spaces are all but gone. It doesn't have the best maintained landscaping either, but inside it's always nice and clean, and the clerks are friendly, helpful, and efficient. One of them, Mike, likes to fish in Biscayne Bay for sea trout, and he and I go out together on occasion and try our luck. I wish that he also liked to fish for tarpon. Trout are fun to catch but a two or three pounder is good sized and they about never jump. They just slug it out under water. Tarpon on the other hand average maybe twenty-five pounds in the bay and on occasion top one hundred, big silvery fish that jump and jump and jump.

Everybody, it seems, has to go to the Post Office on occasion, and a lot of the cars you see there are the same day after day, the same people going at the same time to pick up their mail or ship their parcels. Every once in awhile a car catches my eye, and this "custom" paint job sure did! I have no idea who it belongs to, and I've never seen it there before or since, so I'm glad that I grabbed this shot while I had the chance. As I was looking at the car I wondered what he (she?) might have done if the "canvas" had been a Volkswagen Microbus back in the 1960's.


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