Thursday, March 02, 2006

After Wilma, Life Continues

Katrina's eye came right over North Miami but didn't do anywhere nearthe damage that Wilma did a few weeks later. Wilma's eye passed well to the south but we seemed to be in the area with the highest winds, and supposedly there were some small tornados imbedded in the hurricane, with still higher winds. Months later and we're still cleaning up, fences and roofs being fixed, and still cutting up branches and tree trunks to put out for pick-up. My ex, Claudia, had her electric on two days after the storm but I was without power for nine days. We're still good friends so I was able to go over there for hot coffee and a shower each morning, and she froze water for me so I could keep ice in my cooler at my place. This is her back yard. I shot a couple rolls of color film showing the broken limbs, uprooted trees, her destroyed back fence, and damage to her roof. As usual I photographed myself in black and white with the 15mm lens on the Bessa as I went about taking pictures with the Leica M2 and a 35mm Summicron. Here it is three months later and just this past week her neighbor behind her house was finally able to get somebody to cut up and remove the huge downed ficus tree back there. Its roots pulled up a large area of Claudia's yard and destroyed the rear fence. Now the last of the ficus tree is finally gone. The problem is finding a fence contractor with less than a three month backlog of work lined up. She still hasn't found a roofer either, but a big blue tarp nailed in place keeps the rain out. You still see a lot of houses with blue "roofs".


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