Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's Sold!

When my friend Jim split up with his wife I was splitting up with my lady of a dozen years. The two of us rented a house together from a mutual friend. That lasted about a year, until everybody was convinced that there was no way to put the relationships back on track. I moved back into my old house and Jim moved in with his new lady friend. I don't know all the details, but Jim and his now ex-wife decided to sell the house that they still jointly owned. I met Jim for breakfast one morning when the real estate agent called to tell him that the house was sold. After we finished eating he wanted to go by there and take a look. We got there before the "Sold!" sign went up, but he was ecstatic. This shot was not posed, and that big grin on his face was real! The south Florida real estate market has been crazy the past few years, REALLY nuts. I had breakfast with him again this past weekend. I thought about the fact that if he still had that house, about a year later, it would be worth another seventy-five or hundred thousand dollars. I kept my mouth shut.


Blogger taffer said...

This is a real fun spontaneous shot Al

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