Sunday, March 12, 2006

We Don't Need No Education, We Don't Need No Thought Control...

There used to be two bookstores in downtown North Miami, The Arts and Sciences Book Store and The Bible Book Store. The latter morphed into more of a general merchandise Christian store, and the Arts and Sciences I guess could no longer compete with the major chains who opened spacious new stores on U.S. 1 just a few miles to the north in Aventura. Books of every description and magazines for every taste. All served up together with a cafe where you can sit and read while drinking a cuppa exotic joe from Starbucks. For a guy who remembers when Modern Photography Magazine jumped from a quarter to thirty-five cents it takes some getting used to, this laying out of $7.95 for the latest copy of B&W - Black & White Magazine For Collectors Of Fine Photography. A friend insisted that I should go check out the latest issue at Barnes and Noble, so I drove up the road the three or four miles, but Borders came first. I stopped, parked, went inside, and spent an hour or so wandering around. It had been a few years since I'd last been in a book store. So here I am with my 15mm lens about to go bravely inside the twenty-first century. Next time I'm going to take Monkey.


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