Thursday, April 06, 2006

TIGER TIGER - Miccosukee Rock

They used to have an annual Pow Wow at the Miccosukee Reservation on the Tamiami Trail about 35 miles west of Miami. People from other tribes would come also, and you could find everything from Navaho jewelry to the local Miccosukee and Seminole patchwork clothing. I still have one of the "jackets" which the Indians refer to as "shirts". You could also try various fresh cooked delicacies from fry bread to sofkee, a watery porridge made from corn meal and used as a hot beverage.

The one thing you wouldn't find was fried garfish. The first time I tried some I was amazed at just how tasty it was and remarked that I'd always heard it was next to inedible! "Shhhhhh!" I was told. "That's what we always told the white man! They're so easy to gig (spear) and we don't want him coming out here and getting all our garfish!"

Some of the teenage members of the tribe were in to the rock music of the day, playing drums, electric bass and electric guitar. A few ofthem formed a rock group. Two of them, cousins, had the last name Tiger so they called the group Tiger Tiger. Some place around here I have a 12" vinyl record they produced. It managed to get some local air play, but never took off.

At this point I don't remember the name of the newspaper, but the editor decided to put together a collage of photos I'd taken at the Pow Wow. I made a copy negative and printed it up on Kodak post card paper to use as a mailing piece. I recently found a few tucked away in my desk for 30 years.


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