Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Window To The Future Unknown

Another Coconut Grove photograph here, this time Jerry Weisberg's office. In the forground is my friend John Patteson wearing a tie dyed shirt. We'd always stop at Jerry's office when we were in the Grove, mostly because the coffee pot was always full and he had packets of hot chocolate mix to boot! There's nothing like chocolate when you get a bad case of sweet tooth. I have no idea what the secretary's name was.

John, about 22 here, possibly younger, was attending Dade County Jr. College (now Miami-Dade College) and carried his 12 string guitar everyplace. He wrote, composed, played, and sang hoping to get a recording contract and make it big. It never quite came together. His other big pashion, besides girls, was guns and blowing things up. They didn't quite fit into the anti-war peace movement of the folky set.

Eventually he got a job at a gun shop, even had his own gun shop for awhile, and then Miami Vice came to town. They needed somebody with the expertise (and licenses) John had in weapons and demolition, and he signed on in charge of "special effects". Since then he's mainly worked in the motion picture and TV industry. Patteson is the correct spelling. There's no "R" in his name.


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