Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lucy In The Sky With Confetti

The old village of Ojus, an unincorporated area just outside the jurisdiction of North Miami Beach, had plenty of old rundown storefronts and apartments. Tito rented one of the stores, a feestanding building actually, and opened the first head shop, The Mushroom, around. What's a "head shop" you ask? A place that sells al the trappings but not the dope, not the actual drugs themselves. Rolling papers, pipes, roach clips, rock concert posters, incense and incense burners, perhaps some American Indian jewelry or tie-dyed T-shirts. A magnet for teenagers eager for the latest rumor on exactly which groups would be playing at the next rock festival

It was enough to strike fear into all the parents of the area's teenagers. But Tito stayed just within the law. No drug use allowed anywhere around the shop.

I don't know what motivated this young lady to put confetti in her hair. It was briefly fashionable with the teenager girls who went around leaving a trail of little pieces of colored paper wherever they went. This one was particularly proud of her hair style and asked me to take her picture. We did these against the south exterior wall of The Mushroom on a heavily overcast day. I was shooting with a 35mm f/1.8 Canon on my Leica M4. I have no idea what ever happened to the young lady. The Mushroom stayed in business for a couple of years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG look at the eyes! and you wonder what happened to her? I hope she got help (and food)

9:19 AM  

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