Monday, May 01, 2006

Purple Pain

All my old Ektachromes have badly faded and suffered horrendous color shifts. They seem to go purple. What I shot on Kodachrome still looks pretty decent. This was one of the faded Ektachromes, which I'm showing both as it looks today and something pretty close to what it should have looked like with the original colors. My friend Todd Frederick enjoys working with photoshop on the computer. Color film is made of three layers, each a different color. As long as you can seperate the three images you can "put the color" back into the layers. He seems to do a pretty good job! Thanks, Todd.

I kept meticulous log books of my color slides. Every slide was numbered, and there were notations as to who, what, where and when, the camera, the lens, the film I used. Someplace, packed away in a box, those books are in hiding! My best guess is that this was shot at either the Palm Beach International Rock Festival or the rock festival at Gulfstream Racetrack in Hallandale, sometime in the late 1960's.I have no idea who that is playing the flute. It was probably shot with a Leicaflex and a 180mm f/2.8 Elmarit.

Well, maybe I'll find out who that is and edit the copy when I do.

Usually you think of rock music you think electric guitar, drums, electric base, keyboard, maybe a bit of harmonica from rock's blues heritage. Flute is unusual. I wonder if his learning the flute was a creative decision or a holdover from being a child forced to take flute lessons, then practice everyday after school while all the other kid were outside playing ball.


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