Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Square Pictures, Cool Cars, Hip Chicks

Here's Stephanie with that five pound pickerel she caught the second time she went fishing. The story of her catch is in yesterday's post along with a photo of me and the little runt of a fish that I caught.

In 1963 I turned 21 and achieved legal majority. My parents couldn't tell me what to do any more. I rushed out and bought a Honda motorcycle. In 1964 I married Stephanie and suddenly saw the world through more responsible eyes. I sold the motorcycle and bought this 1959 Borgward station wagon for $150.00 from a gas station a couple of blocks down the street. My best friend and fellow photographer had a two door coupe and loved it! Here's a link to an ad flier for Borgward automobiles:


It was a well made German car, but eventually parts became next to impossible to find. I bought a 1964 VW beetle a couple of years later. Today I was talking on the phone with a friend close to my age who lives near Chicago. She was all excited as she looked at the photo on the blog. It turned out that she had the two door coupe herself back then, and it'd been many years since Joy had even run into somebody who knew what a Borgward was, let alone actually owned one. Small world, as they say.

These fishing pictures were shot on 120 Ektachrome in my Minolta Autocord. Kodak used to make slides from negatives, as well as duplicate slides from roll film, on 35mm wide unperforated film so the 30x30mm square slides would fit in standard 2x2 inch slide mounts and work in regular slide projectors. These are Kodachrome duplicates from Ektachrome originals. That accounts for the square pictures. They're not cropped from a Leica frame. The fishing magazines back then insisted on 120 originals for color and I was planning on becoming a great outdoor writer. I did sell a couple of articles to Sportfishing Magazine but the photos ran in B&W.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al, loved your piece on that German car....what kind of motor did it have? Air cooled? Why they go out of business?


12:23 AM  
Blogger RML said...

My grandpa used to have a Borgward, looooong before I was born. At one time, he also had a (ply?)wooden DKW and a Panhard. Great cars. Too bad I wasn't born in those days yet and was never able to ride with him in them.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My first car was a 1958 Borgward Isabella TS that the owner paid my Dad and me $35.00 to take it away. She even threw in the shop manual. When we finally got it running it was a pretty nice car with lots of room, a nice heater and a nice ride. Swing axles like a VW, but a conventional 1500 cc inline 4 with about 65 horses. Sold it for $200 that went into a 1959 220S Mercedes saloon. Same year I got a IIIg for 21st birthday.

1:08 PM  

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