Sunday, July 30, 2006

You Can Always Find A Denny's

In the post just below this Karl Wolf and I are sitting outside at Starbucks. It was lovely Florida weather. We'd planned on meeting at Starbucks again, which is about half a mile to the north of here, but a glance through the window will show that it wasn't sitting-outside-on-the-patio weather. As Karl was driving towards North Miami the heavens opened up. What the hell did people do before cell phones?

Here it was just a quick call to change destinations. Denny's! Great coffee and the pleasure of smoking while chatting outside were sacrificed for a dry place to eat eggs and French toast along with a bit of nicotine deprivation. We survived. We looked at photographs and talked photography. We had a great time!

In between the two get togethers my new ladyfriend had convinced me to shave off my beard and get a haircut. Naturally a week later she announced that "it just wasn't meant to be" and split, leaving me sans beard and with short hair. They're both growing back again. The lady is still gone. Can't grow them back...LOL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Al! I used to work as a waiter at Denny's in another lifetime! It was great! Good tips and lots of chics. The catfish dinner was my favourite.


9:21 PM  

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