Friday, July 28, 2006

Monkey Business? Monkey Romance!

Monkey was lonely and so all alone.
He was now 62, but had a good home.
One day he ventured to a place far away
A place on the west coast, out near the bay.

He wanted to end this cry deep from within -
That said there was someone meant just for him.
So off to the zoo he trotted to look
For a love he was seeking, like he'd read in a book.

He searched and he searched and then settled down
On a horse he found there on the merry-go-round.
And who should join him as he sat all alone,
But beautiful Monkette - was this a love of his own?
They rode and they talked and had a grand time.
Now Monkey was happy - no more did he pine.
He had a great owner, but he needed his kind
And right then and right there he made up his mind -

To complete his life - he’d go out on a limb.
Monkette would have to fly home with him.
This was a love that was just meant to be
And happy is Monkette and her boyfriend Monkey.

Poetry By Helen Denning
Photography By Todd Frederick


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al, not to be negative, but I would strongly suggest Monkey get a pre-nuptial agreement if gets too drunk with love. Nothing against Monkette, but these days one never knows. I'm glad to hear Monkey has found someone to hang with (no pun intended), and again I hate to be so negative, but someone has to have this conversation with him....things can get out of hand, Al. At Monkey's age, I assume he doesn't want children, yea? Have his family jewels been clipped? Perhaps a conversation on birth control is in order, Al. Does Monkette have a green card? Is she a Yankee? I would hate to hear of Monkey getting cleaned out by the wrong type of lady.

Do the right thing, Al.

12:13 AM  

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