Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Does History Repeat Itself?

A few days ago I wrote about my daughter Elena running for state rep in Atlanta, GA where she lives. On her campaign website she talked about going to city council meetings with me when she was a little girl, and that's how she got interested in politics. She always went to the polls when her mom and I voted. She accompanied me when I went on photo assignments and met President Jimmy Carter and she used to see Congressman Bill Lehman on a pretty regular basis when I'd drop by his office to deliver photographs.

19 years ago I ran for city council here in North Miami. I lost by a narrow margin after being massively outspent by a wealthy opponent. It was a good experience though, and I built up a network of supporters which I've maintained over the years. I serve on a couple of city advisory boards and I'm a well known figure around city hall.

Now it's Elena's turn to make her mark and to make her contribution. She picked a tough race to win. She's a straight white woman in a district heavily black with a large gay population. She lost the primary yesterday but l'm sure that she made many contacts and friends that will be there in the future, whether or not she runs for office again.

I posted this photo of Elena on the blog before but I thought it captured the idea of how things just keep going around and around. I'm sorry that you didn't win, Elena, but I still love you.

P.S. Want an archival quality print of this or one of my other photos? E-mail me at for details.


Anonymous bart said...

Great composition. I like the pictures on your nice blog!

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Al, nice piece on your daughter's run for office. I was glad to see that she mentioned you for sparking her interest in politics. You must be a pround father of such an accomplised daughter.

Dan Lovell

12:07 PM  

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