Saturday, July 15, 2006

"If you're in Atlanta vote for Elena Kaplan, District 58 on July 18th..."

I've known Jim Kukar going back to 1968 or there abouts. He's edited several publications that I photographed and wrote for, had an ad agency for a few years at one point, and we've worked on quite a few political campaigns together. Everything from city council to U.S. Congress. He's the guilty party for getting me interested in politics. My daughter Elena is now running for state rep in Georgia and she gives me credit on her web site for her early interest in politics. Well, Jim is really the guilty party! For all those years, whether working together or not, we've met just about every week for brunch. Since we're in South Florida and Elena is in Georgia we're not involved in this campaign.

P.S. Want an archival quality print of this or one of my other photos? E-mail me at for details.


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