Tuesday, July 18, 2006

People You Don't Really Know, And Never Will

Loretta only stayed at my house a short time before heading off. Her cat Baby is still happily living with me. Her former boyfriend would call her all the time, and a few times a week he'd just show up here at the house. They never went anywhere, they'd just sit and chat. To me at least it seemed like they really had a good relationship, but then I wasn't there when they were living together.

Loretta got a big kick out of the fact that I had 1960's vintage Hermes 2000 manual portable typewriter. She enjoyed sitting out on the front porch and typing letters to her friends, drinking coffee or a beer and smoking cigarettes.

Strange how the brain works. Looking at this photograph for the first time in a couple of years my thought was that I can't remember his name and I have no idea what ever happened to him. Still, there was something familiar there. Then it dawned on me. I see him from time to time over at Starbucks. We've even shared a table and chatted on a few occasions when it was crowded. We always nod a hello to one another. Loretta never gets mentioned and I've never seen him with another woman. I still don't recall his name.

P.S. Want an archival quality print of this or one of my other photos? E-mail me at preacherpop42@aol.com for details.


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