Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Long Road To The Library

Photo of Craig Hoehne (c) Darryl Smith 2006

I first met Craig on the Photonet Leica Forum a few years ago. We've exchanged several Emails but never got together for coffee. I'm in Florida and he's in Australia, not exactly next door! Then a week or so ago I got the following Email from him. Craig, I'm honored! Thank you very much.

G'day Al Well Al, you’ve made it into the annals of Australian photo history! Some background as to how this unlikelyhood happened. Over the last few years (well since 2001 actually) I’ve been researching a little known Australian photographer who worked during the 1930 and 1940s. Whilst living in Macao during the mid 1960s he also did some street reportage, where he took a total of 50 or so rolls of film. You may recall a while back I started a PN survey thread on film consumption. Well I referenced your productivity against my photographer. I recently sent bound copies of my research essay to the Australian National Library and the New South Wales State Library. I thought they would simply add my material to their internal files for this photographer. Nope my essay is being formally catalogued by the two most prestigious libraries this country has on offer. So its official... Al Kaplan is now formally part of Australian photographic history. Funny huh. ATM I’m putting together an html version with clickable links to online recourses so we shall have a link to your blog also.

That hat my friend… is an AKUBRA! An Australian national icon. Made from rabbit felt. Cheers Craig Hoehne


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the place you met Craig?

That is a wonderful forum with wonderful people, except for the trolls. Nevertheless, I visit there each and every day for my daily chuckle.

3:34 AM  
Blogger Al Kaplan said...

Yes indeed! That is the place I met Craig. We've never met in person but we exchange the occasional Email

11:02 AM  

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