Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wheels Within Wheels

I've been thinking a lot about the past the last few weeks, as I went back through envelopes filled with old pictures that were packed away for years and continued going over my old contact sheets looking for images worth printing. This is the Russian woman I met at the Aventura Starbucks last winter, the one who asked me if perhaps I was the photographer that knew her brother at the 135th St. Starbucks. I was. She went on to say that she sometimes went there also.

Since that day eight or nine months ago I haven't run into her brother once, nor have I seen her again. But as I was straightening out the mess on my computer table a few days ago I found another print of the photo. A sign? And almost at the same time as I heard from people that I haven't seen in nearly forty years, who found me through this blog. People appearing, people disapearing. People reappearing. It made me think of the name of a science fiction book I'd read years ago by F. Paul Wilson. I went back to look at the contact sheet. This picture just kind of "popped" off the page compared to the others shots in the series, screaming "ME, ME, ME" so here it is again.

P.S. Want an archival silver gelatin print of this or one of my other photos? E-mail me at for details.


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