Friday, August 11, 2006

A Place In The Sun

A couple of weeks ago I'd sent Todd Frederick a bunch of vinyl pages, each with 20 color slides, old faded slides who's colors had shifted since I'd shot them. He's as good as it gets when it comes to scanning and trying to get the colors back to a semblace of reality.This morning I'd told him "Pick one!". When I got home I found an Email saying "I just posted another old lady. Go for it."

As the image loaded on the computer screen I was confused at first by what I was seeing. "Old lady"? Not hardly! But then I realized that the photo was made back around 1970, perhaps a bit earlier, and she was probably in her early twenties at the time. Now I know a lot of women who are pushing sixty, and I'd be taking my life in my hands were I to ever suggest that they were old ladies, but this pretty young blonde is most likely a grandmother these days, using a rinse to keep the grey at bay and perhaps a perm to put some body back in her hair.

I can't remember her name but I recall liking the way the sunlight was coming through a space in the trees overhead, almost like a spotlight. I was shooting with a Leicaflex SL and trying out a Vivitar 105/2.8 T4 mount lens, the one with interchangeable adapters. I ended up buying the lens.


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