Monday, July 31, 2006

Hang a JANIS JOPLIN Print in Your Living Room. Signed Original Prints For Sale

Signed original prints of my black and white photographs are available for sale. I print them myself on an Omega B-22XL enlarger using double weight fiber based silver gelatin paper. My standard size is an 8x12 inch image printed on 11x14 inch paper. I can make other sizes on request, as well as supply prints from most of my color photos. Besides the photos on this blog there are a lot of photographs on, both in my portfolios and scattered through various threads, as well as elsewhere on the web. I can be reached at The price for a standard 11x14 black and white print with an 8x12 inch image is $350 plus shipping. The lovely model is photographer Melisa McKolay that I met on She supplied the photo and I'm not really sure who shot it. Her husband perhaps? The T-shirt that she's wearing features a photo of me by advertising and wedding photographer Marc Williams For information on getting a shirt contact James Mitchell at


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Please view these two videos and check out the website that follows. Even if you do not agree with all of it, we all need to have a better grasp of what truly happened on 9/11/01 in the US, 3/11/04 in Spain, and 7/7/05 in the UK. Please share this with others if you feel compelled, as I do.

documentary on 9/11

documentary on western government terror

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