Monday, July 31, 2006

Marked Woman ~ Larger Than Life

Photo (c) 2006 Karl Georg Wolf

When Karl got back to Germany he mailed an envelope to me containing a number of his photographs. There are a couple of photos below that he shot here in Miami, in Denney's and at Starbucks, showing our two meetings together, but he shot a lot of photographs on his travels around the area and included a few of those also. I'm not really sure, though, if this was shot around here or back in Europe. I'm confused not by the "BULGARI" written (tatooed?) below her left shoulder but by the fact that few sane men would brave the July heat in Miami dressed in a black suit.

It looks like a movie poster or somesuch, a bit too far out to be an original painting in an art gallery, but these days you never know. I recently saw an exhibit where the artist painted on doors rather than canvas. They were new doors, already drilled out for the door knob, but without hinges or doorknobs. It makes for a rather tall narrow format but the artist had made good use of it in his paintings.

At any rate Karl's sense of composition here is superb, juxtaposing the man looking off to the side, away from the camera, while the woman is looking in his direction with an "Oh, and just what are YOU looking at?" expression in her eyes. Yet he's real and she's the painted illusion. Well done, Karl, and thanks for sharing. (I received a note from Karl about this image: >Bulgari< was for sale at an artshow in Berlin, Germany, a year or so ago. )


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