Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bob Dylan

This shot of Bob Dylan was shot the same night as the photo of him playing with Joan Baez at the Boston Arts Festival back in 1964. Joan was the singer who was scheduled to sing that night. Nobody expected Bob to be there. It had been a couple of years since she used to drag him around to coffee houses with her and introduce him to people who really had come to listen to Joan, not some unknown country hayseed. By 1964 he'd already had a couple of very successful albums and might well have been the bigger draw if his name had appeared in the program.

Instead, Joan went on stage and Bob was in the tent behind the stage as she played her set. Nobody much besides Joan knew he was there, and nobody expected him to be there either. As famous as he'd become he was still a very shy person. He actually seemed pretty nervous as he stood back there waiting for her to announce that he was present and going to join her on stage, as nervous as if he'd never been on a stage before! He just stood there very much caught up in his own thoughts, or perhaps lost in his own thoughts would be a more apt description. Once he went out there though, through the curtain and on to the stage, he seemed very much in control of himself as the crowd roared with excitement. He really seemed to enjoy that.

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