Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Those Kaplan Ears...

...that my children have didn't just come from my side of the family. This 1965 photo of my wife Stephanie with my father Donald certainly illustrates that point nicely! I don't know whether her ears come from the Brundage lineage or the Snowdon, but just out of the shower with still wet hair you can plainly see one of her ears poking through her waist length hair.

My dad was 48 at the time and I took the photo in my grandmother Kaplan's side yard with a Minolta Autocord on the original Ektacolor film. The scan was done from a faded 3.5 inch square print, but Todd Frederick did a yeoman's job in making it look "believable" without going overboard with too much contrast and garish colors. I just love the way that old Rokkor lens renders the out of focus areas so smoothly. Today we call it "nice bokeh", using the Japanese terminology.

It's obvious that a nice thick head of hair, no receding hair line, also runs in my genes. When my dad died 25 years later at age 73 it was barely starting to get thin on top and still mostly dark brown.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone ever call him "jughead" and live to tell about it?

8:58 PM  

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