Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Exciting Morning In Paradise

My friends used to kid me all the time that I didn't like to travel. I rarely venture outside of perhaps a 10 mile radius of my house. My fishing buddies are always going down the keys, over to the Bahamas or trying their luck on Florida's lower west coast. I fish north Biscayne Bay and I know it like the palm of my hand, where the channels are, which grass flats have the best trout fishing, what the best tides are at which time of year. I was a speaker at a Salt Water Sportsman Magazine fishing seminar a few years ago along with the world famous guide Capt. Bouncer Smith. I get asked to speak at fishing club meetings. At one point I nearly bailed out of photography to guide full time, and I got my Captains' license from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Most all those photos I've taken of famous people have been here in the Miami area. Sometimes I don't even have to drive anyplace to get photographs. One morning as I was drinking my morning coffee I heard a loud crash while sitting in the living room. A quick call to 911 followed my taking a look out of my front door. Two cars had tried to occupy the same space at the same time, neither one going particularly fast, but fast enough. Within minutes the North Miami police and county paramedics had arrived, followed by a pair of wreckers. I don't think that anybody was seriously hurt. I used my Bessa L with the 15mm Heliar to record the excitement, then after everyone had left I went back across the street to finish my coffee.


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