Friday, September 08, 2006

North Miami ~ A City Sanctioned Execution Squad?

Here's my neighbor's house sort of obscured by the well drilling truck and crew. At the time it was two years after they first constructed the fence that doesn't meet code and was erected without a permit. I guess that after two years of no decisive action on the city's part they were sure that they could get away with anything they felt like, to hell with niceties like permits and following the code book. How about putting in a well and sprinkler system without a permit? No permit was posted.

The contactor showed up on a weekend when the city's code enforcement department is short staffed. I called Councilman Scott Galvin from my cell phone. He said he'd call the city manager with whom he'd just been speaking, and said that the city manager was in my neighborhood. Then I went out in the middle of the street and took a few photographs. I would have taken more but those guys in the photo suddenly started screaming that I had no right to photograph them and attacked me. I managed to dial the North Miami police while I was being beaten, kicked and punched, but only one car showed up, no lights or siren, maybe ten minutes later, after the city manager had arrive to find me semi-concious lying by the side of the road. Of course the police dispatcher could hear the commotion, the screaming and cursing - I even said that they should hurry up because I was being beaten at that very minute. Curious that there's no tape of my call.

Almost everybody else had driven off. The cop, seeing me barely able to stand at all, and unsure on my feet, had the audacity to ask me if I was drunk. The contractor was still there. He told the cops that I'd been beaten by some guy they didn't know, who just happened to be walking by, and that he'd left on foot after he'd knocked me out. When the cop asked for his driver's license, insurance card and registration he said he didn't have it with him. The cop let him drive off, no ticket for not having the papers in his posession. None of it makes sense. Only to the cops I guess. It's great to know that I'm paying taxes for this protection.


Anonymous Pita said...

LOL, you poor drunken idiot.

2:48 AM  

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