Monday, October 08, 2007

The Meeting Room

In the fifty plus years that I've mostly lived in the neighborhood I've watched what was once a brand new small library building gain additions as it grew ever larger and larger. I guess it was during the last expansion that the meeting room was added, but I honestly can't recall ever attending a meeting here quite recently. Suddenly I've discovered myself going to several in the past couple of months, including a meet-the-author book signing.

Since I'm no longer shooting for a publication I've become way too lax, I don't bother writing down the details, then too much time passes between the event and my posting the photograph here on my blog. I have no idea who this is or what the occasion was. I was intrigued by the flag-like appearance of her jacket juxtaposed with the real flag behind her. Even the door behind her seems to balance out the composition with the flag. As usual I'm the mysterious observer lurking in the foreground shadows, over on the left in this picture. Maybe somebody reading my blog will tell me the who and the why. I can always edit it in later.


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