Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Superman? There Ain't No Place Left To Change!

First they replaced real honest to God phone booths with those weatherproof pay phones on a post, and now only the posts and the boxes that once contained the phones are left. I guess they'll soon be gone too. At least with the booths you had a bit of privacy and didn't have to stand out in the rain. Mild mannered Clark Kent, the reporter from the Daily Planet, appreciated the privacy when he changed into his Superman costume. There always seemed to be a phone booth handy when a bank was being robbed or a crazed killer was on the loose. I always wondered why nobody ever stole his suit and tie from the booth while he was off saving a damsel in distress.

Back in the 1950's who could ever have imagined that the legend of the Man of Steel would be done in by tiny little cell phones. My phone weighs less than the mess of quarters I used to carry around, and I no longer need my little address book because all the phone numbers are stored in the phone. The pay phone is history.

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