Saturday, April 26, 2008

Analog Recording, Tube Amps, And Twelve Inch Vinyl

Yeah, the reflection in the windows is an evening sky, the ruddy glow of a setting sun, but a new dawn has appeared for the acid rock and heavy metal bands and their music, the music of a generation or two ago. It's being embraced by guys who don't have "the look" quite right. Those jeans should probably have bell bottoms, the T-shirt should be tie-dyed, the hair longish rather that short and spiked or shaved off altogether, and that baseball cap has to go! The T-shirt paying homage to a classic rock band? Why not!

The girls have it right, though, with miniskirts and jeans skirts and long hair even if they're sporting too much make-up for the correct retro look. The red lipstick, painted nails, and spike heels somehow just don't seem to go with faded denim. And hip hugger jeans and miniskirts somehow just don't quite look right with the top of a thong showing in the rear.

We were discussing how much smoother music sounds when it's played on analog vinyl records instead of digital CD's, how a lot of groups are going back to using tube amps instead of solid state. Even the feedback from those amps, once considered a defect, is now just part of the sound, a sought after part of the sound. When I told him that I still had a few hundred albums on twelve inch vinyl, everything from remastered blues from the twenties and thirties to originals by the 'Dead to the 'Stones, I had to promise to invite him over to hear the music the way it was written, composed, and played to be heard. Analog! We haven't done it yet, but we will.

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Anonymous Todd K. said...

Vinyl really does have a more natural quality to it, kind of like film.

8:50 PM  

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