Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Green Umbrellas ~ For Free!

Usually when a rain shower comes along so does the breeze. Umbrellas like these are really of little use for staying dry. Notice the shiny little puddle on the table? What they excell at is providing shade, although as the sun tracks across the sky you have to keep moving your chair to stay in the shadow. Say ,moving the chair, not the umbrella because those iron bases must weigh 100 pounds. You have to kind of tip them a bit and roll them around, not an easy task.

A couple of weeks ago new umbrellas appeared. They have a permanent base and the base is equipped with wheels. We had new umbrellas and we had the old ones too, plenty of umbrellas! Then one day I saw one of the baristas carrying some old umbrellas around back. As I left I drove around back. Sure enough, sticking out of the dumpster were umbrella handles! Quick! Into my truck! The bases were still out in front though, and there was no way I could lift one into the truck by myself. The next morning the bases were nowhere to be seen~ gone! There's a place over on N.W. 7th Ave. that sells concrete umbrella bases. Those umbrellas will be really nice when we bar-b-que in the summer.


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