Tuesday, April 08, 2008

That Look, That Very Special Look?

I got an email from Todd telling me that he'd chosen this photo to post because he was intrigued by the look on her face. Frankly, I'm not even sure what meeting this was. I go to too damn many of them. I do recognize the board table though, and I remember being surprised that I wasn't the first one there. I usually am. My New England upbringing I suppose.

I had no idea who this lady in the pale green dress might be. I'd never seen her before. It turned out that she was there to address us, to give us some valuable information that we couldn't possibly live without. I took notes. Now I can't find the notes (they're here someplace) and I remember neither her name nor what she spoke about. I figure that I can ask around and find out, then rewrite this posting.

It's a curious thing, though, how in the twenty or so hours since Todd posted the photo I've gotten a bunch of emails, but they all deal with the hidden meanings that people read into photographs, things they pick up from studying the expressions on faces. A few people, both male and female, wanted to know if I'd followed up on that look, "put the move on", but frankly I never noticed the look until I saw the photo. She might have had a different expression while I was looking at her. Anyway, thanks Todd, I like the picture too.


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