Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Early Introduction To The Political Scene

I was checking out the munchies during the break at the North Miami City Council meeting just before Valentines Day when I spotted this little girl. She seemed more intrigued by the pictures on this display, somebody's visual presentation to show during the council meeting, than she was by the assortment of red heart shaped cookies and candies on the table. I tucked a red lollipop in my shirt pocket and took a few photographs before wandering off to chat with somebody about an item on the night's agenda. I never did find out the girl's name.

Later, as I was going through my latest assortment of self-portraits, I realized that she reminded me of my own daughter at that age going with me to council meetings. Back then their was an older guy sitting at the table pouring the coffee for people. I guess Charlie Zarzour was only fifty something back then, but at the time I was thirtyish and fifty seemed really ancient. Charlie worked for the city as a code enforcement officer during the week, even though he couldn't get around without crutches.

Elena loved Charlie, and he'd put her on his lap to help serve the coffee. Last year Elena wrote in her campaign literature that my taking her to all those meetings is what got her interested in politics. Charlie is gone now, Elena made an unsuccessful run for the Georgia Legislature, and will no doubt give it another try. And this little girl? Who knows where her visit to a city council meeting might lead!


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