Saturday, March 22, 2008

Something Different For A Change

Todd Frederick is taking a couple of days off. Todd is my "Art Department" who scans my photographs, runs them through Photoshop to get great color balance, sizes them and then posts them here on the blog. He's been saying that he's going to take a few days off for months now, and then never did. His wife was ill, but he kept posting night after night. He first looked for, then bought another house, then said he'd need a few days to make the move. He still managed to find the time to keep the art department up and running! Hopefully he'll get his stuff organized in his new digs, spend some time with his wife, meet the new neighbors, all that good stuff, maybe even shoot a few photos himself. Todd, RELAX! OK? The blog will survive.

Next on the agenda. Monkette wanted me to write something about copyright law and intellectual property. The Price Of Silver is copyright material. It is my "intellectual property". I own it and I have the legal right to control its use. Unless credited to somebody else everything here is copyright Al Kaplan. That goes for both the photographs and the text. You MUST HAVE PERMISSION to use them elsewhere. Email me at I'm pretty easy to deal with. Monkette isn't. Please don't get her upset. She'll track you down and make you wish that you HAD asked for permission. And don't think that you can just buy her off with a couple of bananas either! She's very well fed.

Lastly, there's a good chance that some of these blog posts will be appearing on internet radio. They'll be read aloud, of course, by the guy with the show, and there'll obviously be no photos on the radio, but I guess he'll give out the blog address so folks can see the photographs. As things firm up I'll be posting more information about it.


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