Thursday, March 20, 2008

Health Care In The Twenty-First Century

Health Care In The Twenty-First Century. Here we are outside of the Chen Medical Center on 162nd Street. My primary care physician, Larry Katz, was now working with Dr. Chen. I'm not sure exactly what the financial arrangement is but these group practices seem to be the wave of the future. Best of all, the new office is about twenty blocks closer to my house. That's a plus. And when I get old and decrepit they have this cool little bus ready and waiting to ferry geriatrics to and from the clinic. For now Monkette and I are still able to get there in my Toyota truck. I drive, she navigates.

Last time I went there Monkette stayed home. Larry's first words were "Where's the monkey?" Larry is pretty cool though. When I pointed out that Monkette had no medical insurance, and that I wasn't sure if he was licensed to practice on simians, he said "No problem!" We both checked out nice and healthy, I got my Medicare card back, didn't have to lay out any cash, and we headed out to the parking lot where I promptly lit up a cigarette. Nicotine, it turns out, improves brain function and delays the onset of Alzheimers. It's good for the brain. A healthy body ain't worth much if you're off in la-la land, totally delusional, and like Larry said, my body is in great shape! (Plus I have a lot more hair than he does...LOL)


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