Saturday, March 15, 2008

Free Pretzels! Yummy! Monkette Loved It!

Monkette can sure smell a good deal. When the Pretzel Factory first opened a few doors north of Starbucks she started smelling thorse fresh baked soft pretzels as we sat out drinking our morning coffee. For the first couple of weeks a free sample pretzel was yours for the asking. Now, of course, you've got to pay for them. One thing I've been meaning to try is their "pretzel dog", a hot dog baked inside a pretzel, but I mostly stop off first thing in the morning. I can handle a salty pretzel that early but spicey meat just doesn't cut it.

Anyway, for a couple of weeks we enjoyed free pretzels, then they had the "official" big bash of a grande opening, complete with a DJ set up to blast music over the parking lot and lots of green baloons to attract the attention of folks driving down U.S. 1 and didn't see the guy (gal?) in the pretzel costume waving a sign from the median.

Now things are back to normal. I buy my coffee at Starbucks which has started to carry cinammon donuts again. I'm more of a sweet tooth kind of guy anyway, and just love cinammon donuts. They're probably better for my blood pressure than salty pretzels anyway.


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