Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Checking Out The Pastries At Ness Konditori

This was a few weeks ago when Monkette and I stopped off at Helga's bakery to see what flavor turnovers she still had late on a Sunday morning. We got some guava and some apple turnovers to have with our morning coffee as we read the paper. I insisted that we also get some rolls and bread, REAL food, so we got a quarter pound of hard salami, sliced paper thin, to have with a couple of the rolls. If Monkette did all the food shopping we'd eat nothing that wasn't sweet and fruity.

Then a few days ago we went to get some rolls and turnovers and the shutters were pulled down over the door and the windows, the place was locked up tight, but there was no sign on the door saying why. I called Claudia and she called Helga. It seems that the torrential rains we'd had a few days earlier started leaking through the roof, soaked the plaster ceiling, and part of the ceiling fell down. Hopefully by the end of this week we'll be able to feast on those nice flakey crusted turnovers again. Some of that hard salami on a roll might be nice too.


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