Sunday, March 02, 2008

Monkette Looks Longingly At The Beach

Here's some info about the recent visit of my coulin Larry and his wife Margie as they look out across the beach at the ocean with their tour guide Monkette in hand:

On March third my old computer started up as usual first thing in the morning and promptly went bonkers! I guess I'd had it maybe five years since acquiring it from James Mitchell, and it was a year or two old at that point. Time for a new computer! A forty minute phone session with an AOL tech had failed to resolve the problem.

A couple of years ago I needed a new Modem and went to Solution Computer in North Miami Beach. I pass the place just about every day and the sign said that they do repairs and sell used computers. I went back to Solution and was soon driving home with a newer but used computer. The rest of the day and half the night was devoted to loading AOL, figuring out how to navigate Windows XP, and catching up on my reams of email. My thanks to Todd Frederick and Jon Sinish for their help in figuring out how to do all that stuff. That didn't allow any time to get any blogging done, though. It did allow me to learn a bit more about computers, though. Hopefully I'm good to go for another five years.


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