Monday, February 25, 2008

In Memory Of Mary Poh

It's been several months now since my friend Mary was hospitalized. Her mind was slipping, although physically she was holding up quite well for an 85 year old. Photos of her have appeared here in this blog from time to time. There are still lots more of them in my files. What's not around anymore is Mary. I got a call yesterday from her friend Modina. Mary passed away a few days ago.
This photo has appeared here before. It was taken shortly after Mary had to give up driving because her eyesight was failing. Her little dog Spuds was off to the vet's office for the anual shots and a check-up. A few months later Spuds passed away, leaving Mary with her collection of adopted cats. Fortunately Spuds liked cats and the cats could sense it. It was a common sight in her trailer to see spuds curled up on the sofa, fast asleep in a tangled mass of sleeping felines.


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