Sunday, February 17, 2008

Green Legs And A Ham

You have to be a bit of a ham to wear this costume and stand out by the street waving a "Free Philly Pretzels" sign. Monkette was very intrigued by this odd sight on U.S. 1 in front of Starbucks so we parked the truck and walked over there to say "hi". The first thing Monkette wanted to know was exactly who Philly Pretzel is and just why is he in jail? A political prisoner perhaps?

We found out that it's the name of a large soft pretzel, and there was a new a shop making them just a few doors north of Starbucks. As a way of getting people addicted to the things they were giving out "free Philly Pretzels". Monkette listened with rapt attention to the explanation, and then we walked over to the shop for our free pretzels. We needed them!

It's been about six weeks now from our doing the holiday party circuit, getting free food almost every day from early December through Christmas week. Money is tight because the City of North Miami still pays us board members the same lousy ten dollars a meeting as it did way back in 1961. As Monkette put it "Bananas just went up from forty-nine to fifty-one cents a pound. I can remember when a pound was less than ten cents!" I told her to call councilman Scott Galvin and bitch to him about it. He and the mayor and other council members just gave themselves a ten-fold increase in pay, plus a generous health insurance plan. Nothing for us.

So for the past couple of weeks Monkette and I have been holding on to our coffee cups so we can get a fifty cent "refill" when we go to Starbucks, but first we go get our free pretzel. Every day! I hope that they keep doing that promotion forever. It sure beats starving to death.


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