Thursday, February 07, 2008

Taking Monkette Around Town At Night

It's odd how much differently people act after the sun goes down, all the more so when there's nobody else around. Regardless of their age, where we are, or what the time might be, girls and women love my toy monkeys. Monkette is "Just so cute!" while raggety old Monkey is "You've had him since you were an infant? How sweet. You must be such a caring sensitive guy!"

Men see me coming with a toy monkey and act like they want to run and hide! I can hear the gears turning in their heads as they consider the possibilities. If they know me at all they know that my kids are all grown up. They probably know that my toddler grand daughter Gabriella lives in Cambridge, MA. Why the toy monkey then? But those are guys who know me. Run into a stranger at night, the guys friends aren't around to see him associating with toy monkeys, and the rules seem to change.

Who is this guy? Hell, I don't know. One or the other of us wanted to bum a light off the other. I told him about the blog and the project. He said "Oh, get one of me with the monkey!" and proceeded to put Monkette on his shoulder. She's got a bit of that "and just who in the hell is THIS guy?" look on her face, but she got in the spirit of the moment and let me snap a few photos. Thanks, Monkette.


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