Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What The Hell...?

Here I am at another one of those holiday parties that always fill the last couple weeks of the year. I shot lots of film, made no effort to keep track of which rolls were shot at which party, or on which date, for that matter. At least I get to eat decently. That's not always easy when the mayor and city council recently voted to give themselves a ten-fold increase in salary on top of the new free health insurance for life legislation they awarded themselves. Yet they all claim that there's no money in the budget to increase advisory board salaries from the ten dollars a month set almost fifty years ago. At least Social Security gets increased every year.

This particular party for some reason I didn't have Monkette with me, or maybe she was sitting with the mayor's 5 year old daughter Autumn.

The main reason I'm running this picture is that I really like the dynamics of the composition, together with the fact that you can't really see much in the faces either. At least I was wearing a name tag so that I wouldn't forget who I am or what my name is. I just can't seem to remember anybody else's name, and they always seem to be either too close to read without my glasses and too far away to read with them.


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