Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Weasel Made Me Do It

About a year ago Claudia, my ex, decided that a grown man, "a respected member of the community" as she phrases it, shouldn't be seen walking around town carrying a toy monkey. Hey! I was just having fun getting some interesting photographs with the monkey. Best of all, women (other than the ex, of course) seemed to love the idea. I kept carrying around a toy monkey until one day Claudia gave me a present. I was suddenly the proud owner of a toy weasel.

For awhile he was simply "Weasel" but at a friend's suggestion I renamed him "Brad-", complete with the hyphen. It seems that there was a San Francisco photographer by that name, complete with the hyphen. I've never met the guy, but a lot of people think that a name like Weasel would fit him to a T. Thus the toy weasel is named Brad-.

This was my first excursion out to Jimmie's Place for dinner with Brad-, and both the waitress and the cashier promptly told me that they liked my toy monkeys better. After just a couple of days going around town with Brad- I decided that he needed to be retired. Fast!

Todd Frederick, the Maestro of Photoshop, posts my pictures here on The Price of Silver, sometimes doing a bit of computer magic in correcting colors or dredging images out of shadows. The dude is GOOD! A few days back he emailed me this creation. He put in the weasel's food dish and added the hat to Brad-'s head. There's one thing that I need to come to grips with, though. Monkey, Monkette, and Claudia all agree that the horns are really there, and Todd swears that he didn't add the horns to the photograph. I guess it's really true. We DON'T see ourselves as others see us.


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