Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some Serious Banking Transactions and A Few Words About Copyright

Commerce Bank was the second bank to have a grand opening, doing so within weeks of Bank Atlantic's grand opening. It doesn't seem like it's possible to ever get enough rulers, ball point pens, electronic calculators, fanny packs, tote bags, and Santa hats. I also figured that I'd just have to put up with the inconvenience of free food and drink once more. After all, the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce was making an attempt to assure a good turnout, so it was my civic responsibility to stuff my face as well as show it.

Both banks are trying to out do one another in redefining "bankers' hours" by being open 7 days a week and offering extended hours as well. I'd already switched my account to Bank Atlantic so I guess I was just here to eat and socialize. There weren't a lot of kids here but they did have this clown looking guy painting up the kids faces. I asked him if he'd do a "big person's" face and he said "Sure!" but my phone rang and I had to head on down the road. Maybe next time...

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