Monday, January 14, 2008

Awaiting The First Robin Of Winter

Robin and I had dated for awhile several years ago, but the 130 or so miles between her home in Vero Beach and my home in North Miami was daunting. The fact that she had a daughter still in high school complicated matters. Eventually we stopped seeing one another but stayed in touch. She says we spoke more or less weekly on the phone, but between memory loss associated with my seizures, and short term memory problems caused by the anti-seizure medications, I have to take her word for it. And now her daughter was grown up and living on her own.

Lately with her help a lot of good happy memories have been re-emerging from the murk in my brain. We decided to make another go at it. I guess that it's been at least three years since I'd last seen her. Between the price of gas being well over $3.00 a gallon, especially at those stations next to I-95, we decided that the bus might be a good option. Gas alone would be close to $50 and Greyhound would do the round trip for $64.

The Greyhound station that used to be about 2 miles north of me is history but now there's a new one maybe 4 miles away. I arrived about 15 minutes early, and prepared for a long wait. The airlines have me programmed, and even allowing 15 minutes to get parked and to the terminal at the airport is optimism carried to the limits. About 3 minutes before the scheduled arrival time there was the bus, just pulling into the station. I didn't have time to get a decent selection of photos from which to choose, but I kind of like this one, thank goodness. A couple of minutes later we were embracing one another, checking to see if our lips felt as good to one another as we'd hoped. Yup, just as I remembered them, and that was one thing that I'd never forgotten. Winter had just arrived, and now so had Robin


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