Sunday, January 13, 2008

Family Reunion At The Congregational Church

Monkette started out the day bitching and kvetching about how painful the cramps were, how bad her head felt, and muttering things like "You guys just have no damned idea about how lucky you are to not have to go through this every every blessed month. Month after month after month..." as her voice trailed off into silence. Monkey said "Hey, my arthritis isn't all that bad this morning. Why don't you just stay home and rest up. I'll ride shotgun with Al this morning. It's been quite awhile since I've been out and about."

I remembered that there was going to be a rummage sale at The First Church of North Miami Congregational, a couple blocks to the west, so I headed in that direction instead of going east to the post office. I like that church. I used to be friends with a minister there years ago, my ex went there, and our kids attended Sunday school there. I still know most of the congregants. And of course I always find some cool bargains at the rummage sales.

The first thing to catch my eye was this display of toy animals. Some were obviously well played with. Others, though, still had the original tags, brand new! Probably donated by a store, perhaps after Christmas discontinued merchandise. I thought of Monkey all alone in the truck. I got him and brought him into the hall with me.

I bought myself a cup of coffee, chatted with a few folks that I hadn't seen in awhile, and Monkey got to do a bit of socializing himself. I found a couple of cute animals, still new with tags, that I thought that Gabriella might like for Chanukah, carefully explaining to Monkey that yes, they were coming for a visit, ONLY a visit, and they would soon be flying on their way to Logan International Airport in Boston.

Last week I found a Valentine Monkey at the drugstore, bright red and white with pink hearts all over. Monkey and Monkette are thrilled to have her in the house, but they know that she'll soon be on a plane heading north, and that Gabriella will have to pick a name for a new monkey once again.

At least Monkette had taken some aspirin and a nap while we were gone. She was almost civil to us as she admired Gabriella's new toys.


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